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Planet Youth Champions

8 June 2024

1. Add Day Ticket To Cart

In order to buy tickets, visit the ticket page that you would like to buy. Update the quantity for the number of people that you are buying tickets from.

Click on the “Buy Ticket” button and enter the details for the attendees. Confirm when done.

At this point you will be redirected to the Cart, but you can Continue to add more sessions first.

2. Checkout

Once you have all your sessions in the cart, you can continue to checkout, where you confirm that you want to buy the tickets in your cart.

We currently only support PayFast payments for the tickets. PayFast enables you to pay immediately with your card, or other enabled methods, and receive your tickets immediately after successful payment.

Notice: If paying by Debit Card, please choose the “Credit Card” option, and not the Debit Card (the Debit card option will ask for phone number and is confusing to use).

3. Print Your tickets

When the payment was successful, we will update the order status as Completed, which will send the tickets to you via email.

You can now print the tickets, or have them ready on your phone at the door. Each ticket have a unique code that verifies that payment have been received.

Various Festivals During the Year

Various Festivals during the year will take place;

Festivals take place over a period of 2 to 3 days, so that all dancers can be accommodated, and that the dates can give everybody a chance to participate when suitable;

Every Festival is unique and offers various opportunities to help them grow, to improve and prepare for something bigger;

All our festivals offer a platform for dancers to:

  • Improve & grow, and to become their absolute best, to take part for the fun of it… no matter if you’re a beginner or advanced participant;
  • Endless opportunities for fun & growth; positive energy and you are destined to have a great time;
  • These festivals give opportunities to the beginner participant, competitive driven participant, participants who want to perform their previous year’s item once more… participants who want to do an exercise round with detailed comments to improve for other competitions and championships…
  • Our festivals give participants the opportunity to strive for more polished performance and to better techniques…
  • Every festival is Unique with its own divisions and opportunities for participants, specific art schools or academies;
  • For more information regarding a specific festival, please visit the specific festival and its information below.

SA Dance Festival

About SA Dance Festival: Champs

Our popular Festivals have been taking place since 2016… At our festivals we truly connect with all dancers to provide exceptional, compassionate service what each and every dancer deserve. It must be a positive experience for all dancers. These Festivals strive to give dancers a sense of achievement, but also the sense that they need to feel feel when they accomplish their goals. Our Festivals produces happy, positive dance event memories… we also present professional events in a friendly and fun-filled atmosphere…

At our Festivals we want every student, parent & teacher to feel special and cared for throughout the entire event, creating a positive experience for everyone. The experience must be the real award